Now, Milan, Share 'N GO, the urban electric vehicle sharing plan starts

        Milan World Expo, with the theme of "Nourishing the earth, Energy of Life", opened on May 1, 2015 and will continue till October 31st. All the advanced achievements of culture and science and technology industry all over the country would gather like a hundred flowers. During Milan World Expo, ZHIDOU electric vehicles from China had attracted the attention of the world.

        At 10AM on July 10th morning, Share 'N GO’s electric car sharing plan had its initiation ceremony in Milan which was held in Rosa Grand Hotel; the Milan municipal government, Italy CSG company, French-Chinese Youth Federation, Geely Holding Group and ZHIDOU leadership, dealer and supplier representatives of ZHIDOU, distributors and partners from Britain, France, Russia and Brazil and other countries jointly attended the ceremony and witnessed this historic moment. It is reported that, in order to better serve World Expo, Share 'N GO plans to launch 100-500 ZHIDOU cars in Milan to relieve traffic pressure and facilitate residents' travel. At present, 100 cars have been put into operation, and this number will continue to increase. At the conference site in Milan, the President of ZHIDOU, Mr. Bao Wenguang brought us the latest news, they has just bid 200 ZHIDOU cars in Florence, ZHIDOU won that bid from 10 electric vehicles competitors.

        Mr. Bao Wenguang said that sharing economy is becoming an important trend in the world, and it can effectively promote the optimization, integration and efficient use of social resources. The social values of car sharing has appeared, which has changed the people's consumption concept from the automobile ownership to usage right, to improve the utilization rate of the cars, reduce exhaust pollution, and reduce the social public space. This new model will promote the ecological transformation of urban traffic, create a new form of urban life and even the formation of social sharing concept.

        With the deepening of urbanization, the city expansion and growing ownership of automobiles, traffic congestion, environmental pollution and travel difficulty and so on issues come one after another; in order to solve the above problems, "car sharing" came into being. At present, the world's advanced and mature car sharing modes include France's autobli’, German car2go, American Zipcar and Italy's Share’N GO , among them, " Share’N GO "mode is novel and unique in terms of vehicle rental and the operation mode.

        Share 'N GO is a global registered trademark of CSG, Italy. It is committed to promoting the sharing of electric vehicles and the sharing of automobiles. For selection of its strategic partners, ZHIDOU is outstanding with its mini travel concept and advanced product qualities, and has become an important partner and the only designated car for the project. Thus, Share 'NGO has formed a unique car sharing mode with three-in-one features of "new energy vehicle", "mini travel concept" and "intelligent time-sharing lease" , allowing people to travel at a lower cost, more convenient and more environmentally friendly way. This is not only a beneficial supplement to the traditional traffic ecology, but also an exploration, innovation and change of sustainable development of the city.

        Share 'N GO has the characteristics of “sharing and shared use, low carbon environmental protection, intelligent technology, credit billing, etc.. as the only designated car of Share’NGO, the product characteristics of pure electric and zero emission and no pollution, created the features of Share' NGO model for low carbon environmental protection; the credit billing way broke through the traditional car rental mode which is by the hour and the number of days, and can save fuel costs, maintenance fees, parking fees and other expenses for the public, this can save about 70% of the cost of travel for the public; the intelligence technical platform of Share’N GO can accurately show the city’s traffic conditions, but also allow the users to easily complete the leasing business through the intelligent mobile phone terminals or electric car rental card. Prior to this, Share 'N GO model has been promoted in many European cities such as Pisa, Modena and other places, which has greatly improved the convenience of local residents' travel, and has been widely recognized by the local community.

        It is learnt that, for this project in Milan, Share 'NGO uses a more advanced ZHIDOU D1. This model is the first product of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Company, a joint venture by Geely Holding Group and Xindayang Electromechanical Group after the establishment of the company, which fully meets the quality standards of Europe and the China. The D1 appearance of has combined the forefront  fashion design from Italy, the world's first lightweight body and a dedicated electric vehicle chassis, professional permanent magnet brushless DC motor and the leading global VMS vehicle management system, the endurance mileage is up to 160 km, one hundred kilometers only takes 8 degree electricity. At the same time, D1 has integrated cloud computing, internet of things, GPRS, wireless remote support service technology, users can associate the mobile phone and car, to achieve vehicle location tracking, track playback and so on functions, to fully experience the smart, convenient and mobile internet life. As the controlling shareholder of Volvo motor, Geely Holding Group has a strong comprehensive strength in automotive R&D, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects. In the future, ZHIDOU will also enhance the competitiveness of brands and products through the comprehensive strengths of Geely.

        At the initiation ceremony site, Senator Maran said, "At present, the registered users of Share’N GO in Milan  has reached more than 4000 people; with more advanced ZHIDOU D1 put into use, more and more people will be pleased to join the Share’N GO family, to reduce vehicle emissions and improve the city environment.

        At present, many cities in China are also facing increasingly serious traffic and air pollution problems. In March this year, the“Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing “ based on the development of Share 'N GO kicked off the trial run in Yinan, and received the attention of the local government and the recognition of residents. If Share 'N GO model can be popularized in China, it will also effectively improve the current situation of urban development.

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