ZHIDOU Electric Vehicles Win the Fourth Xuanyuan Award

        On January 16, 2017, “The fourth Xuanyuan Award” was announced at the Beijing Auto Museum. Relying on its flexible design, connectivity, ease of use, and good market feedback, ZHIDOU won the “2017 Xuanyuan New Energy Vehicle Nomination Award”. Truls Thorstensen, Chairman of the jury and President and CEO of EFS Automobile Consulting Co., Ltd. in Austria; and Jia Ke, editor-in-chief of the Auto Business Review, presented the award to Bao Wenguang, president of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

International Jury Benchmark Awards

        As the first professional international-level B2B vehicle award, the Xuanyuan Award has been organized for four years. Jointly launched by the Auto Business Review and the well-known Austrian automotive consultancy EFS, this award is an annual summary of the development of the auto industry in China. It aims to promote the high-quality, sustainable and competitive development of the Chinese auto industry. Xuanyuan Award is independent of business, power and connection and adheres to an authoritative and fair evaluation process participated by international judges from China, the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Norway who have one vote each. The honor is given to shape models, standards and values and to promote a healthy environment for the auto industry in China.

        In the end of November 2016, 28 experts from five Chinese and European companies gathered in the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in Xiangyang to carry out vehicle site test, urban road test and bench testing on the nominated models. The finalists were selected from the tests.

        It was reported that the proportion of dynamic evaluation was greatly increased in this award to include nine characteristic indicators including exquisite quality in appearance, exquisite craftsmanship in interiors, ease of use, degree of comfort, NVH, and dynamic driving performance. In addition, three new feature points for testing the nominated models were identified: HMI/connectivity, interior quality/premium perception, new energy vehicle mileage & energy efficiency. From January 14 to 15, judges coming from all over the world gathered in Beijing to try the nominated models, discuss and evaluate in a comprehensive manner, and determine the finalists, on the basis of the known dynamic data.

Bold Actor of the Times   Pioneer of Micro-Traveling

        “Xuanyuan New Energy Vehicle Nomination Award”, which was vacant in last year, is given ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. this year.  The international judges commented that ZHIDOU D2S has fully enhanced its vehicle characteristics within a short period of time, especially the HMI/connectivity and the ease of use. Being the winner of this award should be attributed to the long-term hard work of ZHIDOU in the field of new energy electric vehicles for more than a decade, especially its efforts in human-machine interaction, micro-traveling concept and product features.

        As a participant and promoter of short-distance new energy vehicles in China, ZHIDOU keeps closely with the times and puts forward the innovative concept of micro-traveling characterized by “occupation of micro-space, use of micro-cost, and micro-traveling mode” to address the shortcomings of traditional urban transportation and meet the traveling need of last kilometer. In this Internet era, human-machine interaction has become a characteristic of the times. ZHIDOU moves short-distance vehicles toward the mobile intelligent terminal by taking the lead in integrating new energy technology, interconnected technology and intelligent technology into a “small and beautiful” body.

        During the professional evaluation process, ZHIDOU D2S was highly recognized and excelled in various evaluation data. The judges spoke highly of the product enhancements in this model. Bao Wenguang, president of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., said that ZHIDOU is committed to an “intelligent, convenient, environmental, and energy-saving” urban micro-traveling mode and is determined to build a bridge of micro-traveling that connects to the world. It will continue to make innovations and create new glories!

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