The fourth license landed, ZHIDOU officially won the qualification for the production of pure electr

On November 1st, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC issued the "Catalog for Promotion of Recommended New Energy Vehicles (10th batch, 2017)" (click to view), including 159 models from 85 enterprises. In addition, the Ministry approved the application for establishing Lanzhou ZHIDOU Electric Car Co., Ltd., a pure electric passenger car enterprise in the "Notice", which means that ZHIDOU has gained the relevant production qualification.

At present, although there are 15 enterprises that have been replied by the NDRC, but those that have passed the approval by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology only count four, BAIC BJEV, Yudo New Energy, JMC New Energy, and ZHIDOU is the fourth one.

According to the official data, as of the morning of October 26, 2017, ZHIDOU has produced and sold 95,714 cars, accounting for 6% of domestic new energy vehicles market, and 15% of pure electric passenger car market. Since 2012, the footprints of ZHIDOU have been all over the world, including Italy, Czech, Slovakia, France, Germany and other 18 countries, with a total of more than 3000 vehicles exported.

In March this year, the NDRC has approved 40 thousand electric vehicles project for ZHIDOU of Lanzhou; in October, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has publicized the entry of ZHIDOU for New Addition to the List of Vehicle Producers, so far, ZHIDOU has overcome two big obstacles for the production qualification. According to Bao Wenguang, President of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicles, it is expected that the company starts to apply for new car catalogue, subsidy and free purchase tax catalogue in November, and all the independent qualifications will be completed by that time.

Since 2005, Bao Wenguang began to develop electric vehicles. In 2013, the first batch of electric vehicles was developed successfully, and Bao Wenguang turned his eyes to Europe. In 2014, he chose to return to Chinese market, in January 2015, Ninghai ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Company was established under a joint fund by Geely Holding Group, GSR, Xindayang, Silverstone Fund, which fully integrated the advantages of all in technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing, capital operation and so on, to jointly create the electric car which is lightweight, small and intelligent.

Currently, ZHIDOU has completed A round financing of 1 Billion yuan, the largest shareholder is Xindayang Group (Bao Wenguang and the founder team), Geely Group is the second largest shareholder, followed by the GSR Fund, Ningbo Local Fund and Shenzhen SASAC and other shareholders. B round plans financing of 2 billion Yuan.

It is understood that in Future Travel Show on November 10th held in Hangzhou, ZHIDOU will launch a new type pure electric vehicle D3, this car has two models based on its power system, 210km version of Dou Niu Shi, and 310km version of Sheng Dou Shi. It is loaded with a high specific energy battery system of 151.5Wh/kg, the lightweight module and battery package make the integration efficiency reach 78%.

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