ZHIDOU D2 Wins the Award of “New Energy Micro Car of the Year” in 2015 Annual Automobile Ranking

       On December 9, 2015, “The Grand Ceremony of 2015 Annual Automobile Ranking in (Hunan) China”, the annual top occasion in the car community of Hunan, was held in the studio of Rednet.cn. Over 100 auto industry experts, auto manufacturers representatives, and representatives of the Auto Mainstream Media Alliance members from all over the country attended the ceremony. The ceremony was intended to gather the strength of the province, the automobile market, and the media for the future development of the car community in Hunan.

       “The 2015 Annual Automobile Ranking of (Hunan) China” invited a selection of experts from the Auto Mainstream Media Alliance as the panel and used the most authoritative sales data and ranking lists as references to evaluate the performance of car enterprises, brands and models. The final results were 32 awards which were given as accurately and fairly as possible to provide most comprehensive references for car buyers. At the award ceremony, “Best Awards”, “Awards of the Year”, “Service Awards”, and “Marketing Awards” were announced, and the winners included car models, car enterprises and figures that were highly influential in the car market this year and for 11 years. In 2015, ZHIDOU D2, which performed well in both visibility and sales, was awarded “The New Energy Micro Car of the Year.”

       New energy is gaining momentum and micro traveling is leading the market

       In 2015, affected by such factors as economic transformation and structural adjustment, the Chinese automobile market encountered bottlenecks, with a sharp slowdown in sales growth. However, the sales figures of new energy vehicles increased exponentially under such a bleak climate, even to the point of blowout. The new energy vehicles listed in “The 2015 Annual Automobile Ranking of (Hunan) China” were highly appraised by experts, and more awards were given to them. This addition was discussed by both insiders and outsiders as a hot issue and attracted much attention. As it showed, the development of new energy vehicles was gaining momentum in Hunan Province.

       With the rise of new energy vehicles, the purchase and traveling concepts of Chinese consumers are changing. If high-speed and convenient high-speed rail is the first choice of many Chinese for long-distance travel, the urban pure electric car of ZHIDOU, as a new energy vehicle, is an effective solution for the short-distance travel of urban consumers and becomes the best choice of “second car for the family” among many consumers, due to its compact body, environmentally friendliness, and intelligent configuration.

       Focusing on micro traveling, ZHIDOU is committed to meeting the traveling needs of the last kilometer in urban big traffic. With the characteristics of new energy cars, ZHIDOU can greatly reduce the occupation of roads and space, the energy consumption, and the impact on the environment. It is becoming the most popular and ideal transportation means for short-distance traveling in cities and is leading the domestic new energy automobile market.

       A rising star to shine, ZHIDOU delivers news of victory

       In 2015, ZHIDOU, as one of the most highlighted electric car brand, made sales successes in Hunan and across the country. Hunan has always been an important market for ZHIDOU. At a TV-live second-kill car purchase activity organized by HNETV on June 27, ZHIDOU created a single-day sales record of receiving orders of 608 new energy cars. In a national promotion campaign named “Electric Cars • An Era of Micro Traveling”, ZHIDOU received 7,358 orders, selling 5,109 cars, a lion share of which came from the market in Hunan. These record sales were inseparable from the supporting infrastructure. In 2015, the Changsha municipal government built six charging stations (a total of 60 charging posts) for ZHIDOU in the downtown area. Users in Changsha found their micro traveling with ZHIDOU more convenient.

       The outstanding market performance of ZHIDOU was also widely recognized in the industry: At the First Summit of New Energy Car Leaders in China on December 5, ZHIDOU was the winners of two important awards: President Mr. Bao Wenguang was honored as the “2015 New Energy Car Leader in China”; ZHIDOU D2 won the “2015 Best Promotion Award of New Energy Car in China”. The two awards made ZHIDOU one of the most shining stars at the ceremony. In addition, ZHIDOU D2 won “The New Energy Micro Car of the Year” in “The 2015 Annual Automobile Ranking of (Hunan) China”. This award again testified the “star” position of ZHIDOU and the recognition of and trust in ZHIDOU among consumers in Hunan. It is reasonable to believe that ZHIDOU will deliver more news of victory in Hunan and across the country as its influence in the industry and the market continues to expand. 

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