ZHIDOU Electric Vehicles Win the Award of “Micro-Traveling of the Year” from Global Auto

        On January 13, 2017, the “2016 Global Auto Gala” was held in Beijing. Relying on superior product power, pioneering “micro-traveling” concept, and excellent market performance, ZHIDOU stood out from many candidate models and won the award of “Micro-Traveling of the Year”.

Industry Gala Authority Awards

        “The Global Auto Gala and the Annual Automobile Awards” were created by Global Auto Group, the first automobile marketing group in China. Based on the open and fair principles and adopting an innovative, fair and differentiated evaluation model, “The Annual Automobile Awards” made use of the professional advantages of the comprehensive media group in the automobile industry and invited ordinary consumers, industry experts, media leaders, and automotive executives to fully review and professionally assess the development of the automobile industry in China over the past year. The results could provide consumers with credible references and tried to be the most influential, authoritative and innovative automotive awards in the industry.

Rooted in micro-traveling and determined for forge ahead

        As a rising star in the field of new energy vehicles, ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. has been determined from its inception to build “urban pure electric vehicles for micro-traveling” that fit for urban travel to provide consumers with flexible, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, smart, safe and convenient urban traveling life.

        “At present, new changes have occurred to urban transportation. ZHIDOU keeps closely with the times and puts forward the innovative concept of micro-traveling characterized by ‘occupation of micro-space, use of micro-cost, and micro-traveling mode’ to meet the traveling need of last kilometer in urban transportation. Upholding the environmental philosophy of ‘lower energy and less resource consumption’, ZHIDOU strikes a perfect balance between its own development and social responsibility, integrates the spirit of the times with the development of enterprise, and builds a bridge to connect with the world with the ‘micro-traveling concept’,” said Jin Weimin, vice president of ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

        As a representative of three-door and two-seat short-distance vehicles in the new energy automotive industry, ZHIDOU takes the lead in integrating new energy technology, interconnected technology and intelligent technology into a “small and beautiful” body and leaves an indelible impression on the industry and consumers by introducing excellent product features such as allowing two vehicles to be parked in one lot, 180KM endurance at a constant speed, 220V household charging, and advanced intelligent and interactive system.

        Some judge experts commented that ZHIDOU grasps the essence of urban traveling and has established an image as industry benchmark, led the construction of micro-traveling ecosphere in the new energy vehicle industry, and promoted innovation and reform in the urban transportation by having stayed rooted in the micro-traveling field of the new energy vehicle industry and made enduring efforts for more than a decade.

        Since the end of the year, ZHIDOU has been the winner of many awards such as “2016 Outstanding Model of the E-times”, “Excellent Power System of New Energy Vehicle in China”, and the “Intelligent Connection Award of Dacheng”. In particular, the project of “Key Technology and Application of Permanent Magnet Motor with Strong Fault Tolerance and Wide Speed Range” launched by ZHIDOU won the “Second Prize of International Technological Invention” at the National Science and Technology Award Ceremony. ZHIDOU has also delivered remarkable results in such key fields as marketing model, power system, motor system, and intelligent system.

        These honors are not only recognition of ZHIDOU’s technical strength, but also tributes to its development model. It is reasonable to believe that urban “micro-traveling” will be recognized and accepted by more and more consumers and ZHIDOU will enable more consumers to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle of “Micro-Traveling Smart Life” with the expansion of new energy vehicles market.

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